About Us

Brigade Public School is a progressive, child centered, co-educational school, committed to providing holistic education to all its students. The school was founded in 2008 under the aegis of Suparaja Educational Society at Attapur, Hyderabad which is affiliated to the CBSE Board. The school is scaling new heights under the patronage of its founder chairman Mr. Jaganath Reddy.

Mission and Vision

We, at Brigade Public School seek to develop our students into Global Citizens , instilled with essential values like integrity, respect and responsibility. We aim to develop young minds that enjoy the challenges of inquiry, knowledge and experimentation.


Brigade Public School stands for Equality and Brotherhood and aims to :

  • Create a truly enlightened community providing a sense of stability and security for boys and girls in their pursuit to excellence.
  • Provide a meaningful educational experience that integrates social and ethical values.
  • Build character through extensive exposure to a wide range of extra curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • Develop the physical, mental and moral growth of the students and create a zest for meaningful learning in them.


Brigade Public Schools follows the CBSE Curriculum to perfection ensuring that the best in each child is heightened . The execution of multi- fold, differential teaching methodologies aided with specially designed worksheets ensure that the learning objectives of every class are met.


The faculty at Brigade Public School are highly qualified, trained and experienced. Our teachers are gentle and nurturing, assisting in the child’s overall development and growth.


Assessment in CBSE takes many different forms and happens throughout the school year. The school session is divided into two terms with both formative and summative assessments being held in each term. This helps to assess both the strengths and areas of improvement skill as well as topic wise.

Computer Laboratory

State of the art computer labs with an ICT integrated syllabus is taught to all the students from lower kindergarten onwards called Technology Open Source Way. Each child is given hands on experience to ensure they are computer savvy. Projects at the end of the year ensures that each child knows the usage of the software that they have learnt.


The library at Brigade Public School is a rich treasure trove of not just age appropriate fiction but also encyclopedias, popular science based series such as Tell Me Why , reference books etc. The library provides a quiet and tranquil environment where children can come to satiate their quest for knowledge. Library has over 5000 books as of now and we keep adding new titles on a regular basis.

Science Laboratory :

At the Brigade Public School, we ensure that hands-on learning complements the study of core subjects and for this we have in place a robust laboratory . The composite science laboratory is well-stocked with sufficient chemicals, specimens and instruments so that every student gets the opportunity to carry out the experiments individually.

Audio Visual Room

A well equipped and furnished audio video room is available for the students, where children get a live multimedia experience based on the topics they study in the classroom. A special class is arranged every week for the primary classes to focus on phonetics.

Extra Curricular and Co-curricular Activities

Brigade Public School is home to a vibrant and dedicated community that celebrates and practices art in the form of public speaking, visual arts, music, and dance etc. Co- Curricular activities like Field trips, Elocution , Debates as well as celebration of Mathematics week, National Science day etc exposes them to enhanced learning. Extracurricular activities like dance ,music, art and craft sports etc helps build confidence and bring out the best in them.


School playground and school playtime are vitally important to children for their fun and relaxation as well as their well-being. Our vast playground houses various sports like Soccer, Tennis and Basket Ball etc. We also have an age appropriate curriculum that is executed to perfection during each academic year.


Yoga’s innate ability to erase the mental clutter and live in the moment, reduces stress and anxiety thereby profoundly benefiting us in every sphere of life. Yoga helps to improve the memory function in children, a direct benefit of which would be a better academic performance.

Kung fu

The most significant benefit of KUNG-FU for children is a boost in their selfconfidence. This martial art improves their physical fitness, coordination, concentration, discipline, balance, control and respect.

Tennis: Tennis coaching is given to students of standard 5th to 10th. Playing Tennis has many health benefits including an increase in aerobic capabilities, improving metabolic function, increasing bone density etc., thus helping the child to be fit.


A well-organized transportation system that has a fleet of buses driven by experienced drivers are provided for the convenience of parents. We also ensure that a staff member and / or a female attendee is available from the start to finish for the safety of the child.


The admissions process at Brigade Public School has been designed to make certain that students are appropriately placed at appropriate grade levels while maintaining the integrity and consistency of the school program and policies

Our Visionary Team

Chairman- Mr. Dr Jaganath Reddy

A man with an aim to impart value based, child-centric education utilizing best practices for academic excellence and holistic development of children.

President –Ms. Anitha Reddy

Her endeavour is to give students an approach which is just the right blend of traditional and modern education techniques, with a strong value system so that they develop into conscientious human beings, not just good students.

Vice-president – Mr. Jaipal Reddy

Believes in making the school a centre of learning with noble and committed mission to fulfil the long cherished requirement of the locality.

Director – Mr. Vishanth Reddy

A man with the aim of providing the best education with affordable costs. Humble and a strong believer of achieving as a team.

Director – Academics and Operation – Ms. Urmila Nair

A strong believer that every child is unique and instils learning as a wholesome fun loving experience. Brings her three decades of experience into practice, especially while providing guidance, strength, inspiration and motivation to the school.

Principal – Ms. Kanta Chettri

A dynamic lady with a deep desire to excel in all fields is an all-rounder herself who focuses on interacting with teachers, students and parents to achieve the highest possible academic standards.

Coordinator – Pre-primary and Elementary – Ms Deepa Vijayarangan

A firm believer of learning through exploration and thinks that every child will learn some skill and will excel in it someday just not on the same day or by the same way.

About us